Content Migration

migrationWordPress content migration is the process of moving your existing Web site content into a WordPress managed site. For most migrations an initial analysis and planning process should occur first, followed by the migration of content into the WordPress system. After your content has been migrated, the imported content should be inspected and any problems discovered should be fixed.

WordPress Content migration basics

The information and support provided here relates specifically to Enterprise WordPress provided by ICT.  The migration process typically has three phases:

    • Evaluate which content on your site will be archived and which content will be migrated to the new site
    • If your current site uses specialized scripts, another method may need to be selected to handle the work performed by the script. WordPress plugins can often replace scripts for common Website functions, such as creating forms, integrating with social media sites, and tracking page usagePre-migration
    • Migration is the transfer of content from your old Website into WordPress
    • The transfer of content from your previous Web site into WordPress can be accomplished using plugins (preferred) or manually using copy and paste to move one page at a time
    • Migration requires support in most casesMigration
  1. Post-migration

The migration process will vary depending on how your Web site was previously managed.

Mango site migration

If your current Web site is in Mango CMS we can make certain assumptions about the structure of your site, therefor less analysis is required initially. A WordPress plugin can be used to migrate the pages and media files from your Mango CMS site into WordPress, however some clean-up will be needed after you migrate your content.

HTML migration

Migrating content from HTML source Web sites can be accomplished using a WordPress plugin. The HTML import process works well if specific and consistent markup can be used to identify the main content areas of your HTML source files.

HTML files created using the NMSU Web Template are likely to contain this specific markup.

For example, the following mark-up is used in the NMSU Web Template.

<div id="primary-content-contents"></div>

WordPress to WordPress migration

WordPress has features that allow you to move posts and pages between one WordPress site and another. While this process helps to move the text content, the media files, such as images and PDF files, need to be moved separately.

Other types of migration

Migration from other open source, custom, or proprietary content management systems into WordPress is not supported by this process. Migration from other systems may be possible if:

  • the system is able to create static HTML files
  • the system is able to generate a WordPress export file