Pre-migration Checklist

Plan your migration timeline

The migration process should be planned allowing for sufficient time to move your WordPress site into place. During the migration process you will be maintaining two Websites and you won’t want to do that for long. Determining key details ahead of time will reduce migration duration.

The duration of the migration also varies depending on the size and complexity of the site you are moving. Estimate between 3 – 5 minutes per page for text content and 10 – 20 minutes for each script. In this case, a script can be defined as any function that your site performed, such as contact forms, page usage tracking, including any JavaScript content or server side scripting used on the site.

Clean-up your site

Make sure that all of the Web pages that you will be bringing into WordPress are up-to-date and needed. Archive the content that you won’t be bringing into WordPress.

Evaluate existing scripts

Since the functions of WordPress Websites are accomplished using plugins, you will need to find alternative methods to address the work that your existing Web site scripts performed.

For example, you may be using JavaScript that allows Google Analytics to keep track of the usage of your site or you may have other scripts that allow users to contact you via a contact form.

Several plugins that are pre-installed on NMSU Enterprise WordPress can be used to replace scripts used on your site. Some key plugins are listed below that accomplish some of the most common Web site functions.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Plugin is automatically installed on your WordPress site. In order to use the plugin you must have a Google Analytics account and provide your Site Tracking Code.

To set-up Google Analtyics

  1. Point to Settings and click Google Analtyics
  2. Insert your Site Tracking Code in the field provided
  3. Click Enable
  4. Click Save Changes


NMSU Enterprise WordPress includes the Gravity Forms plugin that can be used to create forms for your Web site.

For additional information about Gravity Forms, please see the Gravity Forms Documentation.

Plan your site navigation

The NMSU WordPress theme uses a multiple tier horizontal navigation system. It’s important to categorize your content in order to use this type of system most effectively. In addition, category names should be concise.

There should be no more than 8 categories with an average category length of 13 characters per category.